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Amplify Professional Services recognizes the need for specialized personal attention in IT and business placement services.  Whereas most companies are concerned with quantity, Amplify is committed to providing value.


Value, for our clients, candidates, employees, business associates and acquaintances, means that we strive to make everyone in our professional circles more productive, more marketable, and more knowledgeable, as well as to enhance the personal and/or professional lives of the people we deal with to the very best of our ability.   Amplify is well respected in the staffing industry and continues to concentrate on personal and dedicated attention to each and every client.


Amplify specializes in Information Technology staffing and business placement services for contract assignments, contract to hire and direct hire placements. We also have Retained Search Services for those clients who require a specific and targeted nationwide search. Our successful recruiting experience allows us to quickly identify top IT talent including Directors, Project Managers, Applications Developers, Infrastructure, WEB, ERP and more for your team.


A separate division specializes in IT Program, Portfolio and Project Management services.


Our executive team has staffed nationally since 1995.   





·         Dianne Gubin– Staffing industry veteran for over 20 years, she is a past successful staffing business owner, a leader of business related networking groups and an expert communicator. Dianne’s role is to provide high level business development and account management.




·         We recruit the strategic leaders who are most critical to the success of your organization.   These include executive level IT leaders and senior level program, portfolio and project managers.  (Some executive level searches require a service delivery fee.)


We extensively use leading social media tools to search passive candidates (not looking for jobs) who match a broad list of skills that we have discussed and identified through our conversations and the job descriptions.


·         Amplify takes our cue from you regarding candidate backgrounds. We may look to local and competitive industries to yours as part of a search string when seeking candidates.

·         You won’t find a team of experts like ours, each with over 20 years experience within the staffing and IT industries, including entrepreneurial and business backgrounds.


·         We are proud to name some of our outstanding current and past clients: Amgen, Disney, DirecTV, Beach Body, CAbi, Dunn & Bradstreet Credibility Corp, Entertainment Partners, Kaiser Permanente, ICANN, the RAND Corporation, and Sephora among many others.





  • Dianne Gubin is the director of Amplify Roundtables.  Amplify Roundtables are intimate, Invitation-only events, designed to foster long-term relationships and peer support among technical executives across industries.  Our intimate roundtable and large event programs are thoughtfully curated to ensure executive level interest.   Our work with Amplify Roundtables, as well as leadership positions in other IT related networking groups, allows us an unparalleled access to technical talent.


  • We provide a full range of program and project management services to Fortune 500 and fast growth companies.




·         The timeline for presenting screened and pre-qualified candidates can take days or weeks, depending upon the position description and required skills. Upon a signed agreement, we will move forward heads down!


·         You can expect to receive candidates quickly. Once we have candidates in the pipeline and begin interviewing, depending on how quickly the screening process moves forward, we can begin to see offers within 2- 4 weeks.


·         We can put temporary staff in place within 24 – 48 hours. We are experts at finding talent quickly.




·         Amplify works on most searches in a semi exclusive to exclusive arrangement.   We are most successful in this way as this gives us the opportunity to fully understand the job requirement, as well as the availability of all candidates who fit the skill set with in the geographic environment. 


·         We expect our clients to engage with us in an ethical manner, acknowledging our professionalism and respecting our efforts and time taken to undergo the work involved in searches. We expect our clients to be partners with us and work in tandem to a common goal of finding the talent you need for your team.  


·         We expect our clients to give us detail and feedback on our candidates and in a timely manner (within 24 – 48 hours) so we may understand where we are successful or where we need to improve and refocus our search.   Dual communication is very important to us.


·         We expect our clients to move as quickly through the interview process in order to preserve the candidate pool we will have in play.  The job market for the skills you require is hot and people are being snatched up quickly with multiple offers.





This division provides Program, Portfolio and Project management services and/or resources will allow you to elevate the maturity level of your IT Organization, as well as the service and value you provide your clients.


Amplify provides a wide range of Program, Project and Portfolio management services includes, but is not limited to:


§         PMO assessment, strategy and development

§         Portfolio Audit and health assessment

§         Project process and controls assessment and strategy

§         Skills and requirements analysis


·         We provide project managers who are experienced, fully vetted and have a track record of success achieving the specific desired outcome you require.


·         We can build entire project teams that can deliver your solutions from inception to roll out.


·         Amplify helps you build control frameworks, repeatable processes, and methodologies to help you expand.  We’ve done this time after time for Fortune 1000 and fast growth companies like yours.


·         Amplify does not dictate what project management methodology or framework you use, we work within your parameters or recommend approaches which would work for your specific organization


·         We are honest and upfront with what we see or what we foresee as possible issues, risks or problems. Our philosophy is built around being proactive and sharing issues, either positive or negative, with our clients immediately. 


 Most important to you…  Amplify listens and provides value. It is our mantra and dictates everything we do. We are passionate about what we do, laser focused on your objectives and totally committed to the clients we choose to serve.


We look forward to the opportunity to work with you and your team.



 Thank you!


The Amplify Professional Services Team

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